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When is it time to look for a Care Facility?

A difficult question?

Certainly; and for most of us who have been caring for a disabled and/or sick loved one, an emotional and unsettling one to consider. I am not referring to people in their final stages of life or who suffer from conditions that spark uncontrollable actions. I am writing for those whose loved one continues to live indefinitely with no assistance from machines or other specialized medical care. In such a situation, there can come a time when living at home becomes unsafe, especially when the primary caregiver (usually a spouse or parent) is aging and has physical and/or medical limitations of his or her own.

There are many factors involved and regardless of the ultimate decision, there will be feelings of guilt from first consideration to final outcome. I am currently wrestling with this question daily—sometimes hourly. For me, it boils down to a case of survival. But whose, my husband’s or mine?  Read More HERE

2015 Parkinson’s Walk Photos

Photos from the 2015 Parkinson’s Walk

Photos from our friends at East Tennessee Personal Care Service

4th Annual Parkinson’s Walk

4th Annual Parkinson’s Walk of East Tennessee

Walk Date: Saturday, April 25, 2015

This is the Day we MAKE EVERY STEP COUNT!

Together, we will be part of one community dedicated to finding a cause and cure for Parkinson’s disease.  Together, we will raise money to provide grants to a comprehensive network of programs that include clinical trials and basic science.

Together, we will learn, educate, and raise awareness whether at the walk or at home, this day of unity brings the Parkinson’s community together.


100% of donations go to research funding for the seven major Parkinson’s organizations.  This walk is organized by PK Hope Is Alive Parkinson Support Group and is in support of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk held in NYC in April.

PK HOPE IS ALIVE GROUP OF EAST TENNESSEE: People with Parkinson’s Disease and their care support partners are welcome to be part of our support group!  Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 11:30- 1:30 pm at Kern United Methodist Church Family Life Center, Oak Ridge

E-mail: or call 865-482-4867

Click Here for Walk Brochure:

Taking Care: An Intimate Look at How Parkinson’s Disease Has Changed 1 Family’s Life

Taking Care: An Intimate Look at How Parkinson’s Disease Has Changed 1 Family’s Life

“Taking Care” is a series intimately covering the lives of caregivers and the people they care for. This month’s edition is on Parkinson’s Disease

When Eleanor Copeman was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, an incurable condition that gradually attacks the nervous system and impairs even simple movements, family life for the Copemans changed forever. The vibrant, joyful matriarch who loved cooking for her family became dependent on her husband Douglas and daughter Tammy for everything from preparing meals to getting dressed.

Now, almost a decade later, Eleanor also has dementia, which strikes 50-80% of people with Parkinson’s. The physical and emotional burdens of caretaking fall to the family.

Eleanor Copeman sweeps the porch outside the family home as her daughter rides her horse toward the house in Elkins, West Virginia, on July 14, 2012.Abby Kraftowitz“Physically, taking care of someone with Parkinson’s is intense—you have to be on 24/7,” Tammy Copeman tells photographer Abby Kraftowitz, who has been documenting the Copemans’ lives since 2012. “I think it’s just a whole different level of love and loving your family.”

Douglas says he chose to take care of Eleanor at home to honor a promise he made to her 51 years ago when they first married.

Kraftowitz’s work offers a deep look into life inside one household touched by this chronic disease.

Abby Kraftowitz is a photographer based in New York City. You can follow her on Twitter @abbykraftowitz.

What’s New with Research?

Title: What’s New with Research?
Location: Kern United Methodist
Description: Dr. Aaron Bowman
Start Time: 11:30
Date: 2015-01-20
End Time: 1:30pm

Lunch is Sponsored by East Tennessee Personal Care Service

Dedicated Parkinson’s SupportGroup

Our Cause : PK Hope is alive – Parkinson Support Group of  E.TN is dedicated to spreading Parkinson’s Awareness.

Learn how you get active information and research about Parkinson’s.  PK Hope is Alive is a compassionate self-help

Group looking to help individuals dealing with PD.  We help them achieve an improved lifestyle and gain a better

understanding  of how the disease effects them.

Top Ten Caregiver Tips

Top Ten Ways To Care For: YOU>a

PK Walk Champ PK Hope is Alive!

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