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  • Tue 2/17/2015: Elder Law; Specialist & Miller Trust
  • Tue 3/17/2015: Falling and how to get up on your
  • Tue 4/21/2015: The Progression of Parkinson's Disease
  • Tue 5/19/2015: Parkinson's Disease Topic / TBA
  • Tue 6/16/2015: Beyond Driving with Dignity


Thank you Carrie Tolbert, who is a nursing student in Arizona, who created to give others a fun and simple site that can be so useful. Carrie covers everything from financial aid, salary, and programs being offered.

Activa Therapy – New Hope for Parkinson Programs

American Parkinson Disease Association

Micheal J. Fox Foundation

Muhammad Ali Parkinson Research Center

National Parkinson Foundation

Parkinson Disease Foundation

Parkinson Grassroots Neurological Advocacy

Vanderbilt Medical Center (Department of Neurology)