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Alan’s Musings

This page contains musings and comments from our President, Alan Zimmerman.  Alan is very active in the Parkinson’s community locally in the Knoxville area and Nationally where he is a Policy Advocate for the Michael J Fox Foundation and a member of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s  People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council (PPAC).  Alan keeps us up to date on what’s happening locally and nationally and you can find his messages here, with the newest on top.  You can also view Alan’s posts by clicking on Alan’s Musings in the Category List on the right.

  • What’s The Deal Lucille? (8/13/2017) - What’s the deal, Lucille? Our website is changing so the front page, we are re-arranging. What is that over on the right? it’s a “donate button,” in your sight. What is it for? I do ask. It allows us to perform yet another task. Where did the $15K from the Walk go? To PD research Continue Reading
  • I’m mad as a wet hornet as my mother would say…. (7/10/2017) - Dear Friends and Members, I'm mad. I am mad that friends are dying. It is incumbent upon all of us to do our best to stop this epidemic. Yes, I called it an epidemic which I think it is for people with Parkinson's disease. Yes, I am talking about swallowing. It is a very complex Continue Reading
  • June Meeting Location (5/20/2017) - ​ Hi Everyone, As most of you know, Kern MMC has asked that we locate another venue for our June 20 meeting since they need the space. I want to thank all of you who have sent emails and gotten in touch with me about other space. Your efforts are much appreciated. We thought about Continue Reading
  • 200 Aprils (4/30/2017) - In 1817 James Parkinson, MD wrote, "Essay on the Shaking Palsy" in which he reported his observations of people with what later became known as Parkinson's disease.  He was a pretty keen observer and got much of it correct. He died in obscurity.  Years later his essay was discovered and eventually the disease was named after Continue Reading
  • 6th Annual East Tennessee Parkinson’s Walk (3/19/2017) - ​ Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is the first day of spring. I'm ready! If you have not yet contacted your mailing list, I thought I might share what I have sent. Cherry sent out her own version. Alan Who do you know with Parkinson's disease (besides me)? Is it a relative or friend? How are they Continue Reading